Core Value


Be willing to accept new ideas, new theories and new technologies, be customer-oriented and timely update knowledge.

Apply what you have learned, use new skills, put forward new ideas, and actively optimize.

Continuously improve the existing process, system, process, scheme, etc., and the effect is better than the original model.

Dare to be unconventional, good at bold ideas and explore opportunities, put forward feasible plans and implementation.

Break the previous model and framework, use the existing knowledge and resources to create new things and methods, bring breakthrough value to customers.

Loyal to entrust

Once a commitment is made, stick to it and make every effort to complete it on time and with good quality.

Have the courage to admit shortcomings in work, take responsibility and make up for them in time.

Service first, take the initiative to provide customers with quality services and products, help customers find problems and actively solve.

Think from the customer’s standpoint, adhere to the principle on the basis, and finally let the customer and the company are satisfied.

Keep the difficulties to yourself and simply give them to the customer.

Commitment to excellence

Like their own work, have passion for work, simplify complex, improve work efficiency.

Keep abreast of the changing trends of the industry, continue to study the knowledge of the field, and forge ahead.

Never give up when you encounter difficulties and setbacks. Seek breakthroughs and achieve success.

Keep setting new goals for yourself and motivate yourself to achieve them.

Today’s best performance is tomorrow’s minimum.


Integrity first

Be honest, consistent in words and deeds, free from interests and pressure.

Express your views accurately through the right channels and processes, While expressing critical opinions, you can put forward corresponding Suggestions.

Do not spread unconfirmed news, talk about things and people irresponsibly behind the scenes, and give positive guidance.

Admit mistakes and accept responsibility,Reflect problems objectively and strictly stop dishonest ACTS that harm the interests of the collective and other individuals.

Consistently implement the above standards.


Actively integrate into the team, willing to accept the help of colleagues, cooperate with the team to complete the work.

Express constructive opinions before the decision is made and discuss with the team. Once the decision is made, obey it and give full support.

Take the initiative to share business knowledge and experience, offer necessary help to colleagues, and be good at solving problems and difficulties with the strength of the team.

Good at working with different types of colleagues, not to bring personal preferences into the work, fully reflect the principle of “right things, not people”.

Have a sense of ownership, positively affect the team, improve team morale and atmosphere.

  • Innovate
  • Loyal to entrust
  • pursuit of excellence
  • integrity


  • Pursuit of excellence
  • Dedication

Be able to accept assigned tasks and only do work-related work during office hours, No duplication of mistakes due to negligence of duty.

Follow the necessary work flow and finish the work with quality and quantity as planned.

Correct treatment of deficiencies in the work, continuous learning, self-improvement, doing things fully reflect the result-oriented.

Ability to set priorities and do the right things according to priorities.

Follow but not rigidly adhere to the workflow, simplify the complex, with less input to achieve greater work results.