Maintenance process

Baijie technology maintenance process

Maintenance instructions

1、It must be the customer who purchases the self-designed modules of the company or the customer group who purchases the products produced by the company

2、The specific problems encountered in the development of each board must be clearly indicated. Those not marked shall not be repaired

3、The power supply or supporting board of the maintenance board must be provided to ensure normal power supply test

4、Accessories with other relevant functions must be provided, and no maintenance is allowed without relevant test tools (if there is a problem with the screen function of the board, the screen must be provided, otherwise it will not be repaired)

5、Special testing procedures and tools must be provided

6、For customers who buy our products, we only provide module maintenance services, not whole board maintenance services( For example, the boards independently developed and designed by the customer have different device types. We do not have the components used by the customer for testing, the schematic diagram of the board, PCB and other relevant data, so it is very difficult to repair. Please eliminate various problems caused by non module reasons)

7、The whole board to be repaired is a paid service, and the specific contents are determined according to the maintenance contents。

8、For more detailed repair questions, please fill in the repair process work order service by yourself

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